eos sw/eden

2018-06-14 / 2023-06-14

With heavy hearts, and after exploring every viable alternative, we have made the decision to cease our Block Production operations, public API and snapshot services as well as our block log backups for EOS.

For a long time, our BP rank has been much too low, resulting in a small, or even absence of rewards for prolonged periods of time. To cover our costs we have sought potential solutions and even looked into the possibility of grant support.
Unfortunately our efforts has been unsuccessfull.

At 19:41:14 CET we will shut down our services.
That marks exactly 5 years since we were lucky enough to produce the first ever Block on the activated EOS Mainnet (

Our commitment to the principles and the potential of blockchain technology is still strong and present. You will find our participation and infrastructure available in surrounding ecosystems.