sw/eden appreciates that OKEx is rewarding the EOS ecosystem with 100m votes

OKEx is one of the top leading digital asset exchanges in the world with the stated mission wanting to ”eliminate barriers to transactions, increase the efficiency of transactions across society, and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy”.


OKEx announced today that they will reward the teams that has been contributing to the EOS community and its progress by voting for them with a total vote weight of 100 M.  


OKEx registered as a block producer on the EOS Mainnet over a year ago (14 June 2018) but have been quiet up until recently where they started climbing and eventually reached the top yesterday. This might seem to be very sudden, however, the team is not new to the EOS space. Their new boss and Head of OK POOL, Alina Yao is no stranger to the EOS community. She has joined OKEx to be in charge of building OKEx within EOS and to participate in the block producer votings.

一年前(2018年6月14日),OKEx在EOS主网上注册为BP(出块节点),但直到最近,他们在主网的排名才快速上升,并在昨天到达了第一的位置。虽然这看起来可能十分突然,但他们团队并不是EOS领域的新手。他们的新老板,同时也是OK Pool的负责人Alina Yao,对EOS社区来说并不陌生。她加入OKEx后,决定在EOS社区大力发展OKEx,并参与BP投票。

We hope that the voting is going to be aimed to decentralize and push innovation forward by distributing votes and thereby consensus. This creates an opportunity for teams that contribute to the growth of the EOS community, innovation and new ideas to be rewarded. OKEx moving in this direction with Alina in charge shows that they aim to be visionaries in the ecosystem. We will follow this progress with great excitement and hope to see more initiatives from OKEx moving forward.