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who we are

our story

co-founder CTO
Eric Björk

Eric has a Masters in Computer Science he received from the University in Västerås, Sweden. His first job after University was programming and development for a company building an invoicing and handling system. After less than two years Eric felt that he had learned what he could at that company. In 2008 Eric started working as a Senior Microsoft Dynamics developer. Through those experiences plus a whole lot more, Eric has become an infrastructure specialist who is comfortable using and administering several flavors of Linux as well as FreeBSD.

Eric found a good deal of disinformation out there and he decided the best way to fight the disinformation is by helping people become more informed. Big organizations and companies are not interested in changing the status quo. The profit incentive is not there for them to change the way they operate. They only build products that make them money. The realization of this for Eric, led him to the world of Blockchain technology. One of Eric's goals is to use machine learning in way that allows each user an experience unique to them, helping them see the world in a new light. This is the type of information pairing that He is planning on building for the EOSPortal in the future. 

Eric is a firm believer that all of us possess certain skills. What we need to do is find our place in the new world we are building together. One of the driving forces for Eric is to help people find their own way to contribute to the community, by using their individual skills in a way that corresponds to their values.

Eric's skill set harmonizes well with the skills a great block producer will need. He has been running infrastructure for large organizations for several years, managing all the different technical aspects that are needed. This puts eos sw/eden in a position where we can scale both up and down in a fast and efficient manner. In addition, Eric's ability to see the big picture from a technical perspective and his practical knowledge in programming, hardware and management place him in a exemplary position to lead well.

co-founder CEO
Vahid Toosi

Vahid is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for doing things differently. 

Vahid doesn't get stuck in outdated traditions and backward thinking. His past projects were exciting and profitable. At the same time Vahid isn't about money. His passion is to make the world a better place for everyone.

Eric and Vahid connected through the growing EOS community in Sweden. They both knew right away that working together would be an ideal way to grow the community and strengthen the eos sw/eden organization. 

Community West
Kevin Wilcox

Kevin is co-founder of EOS Go and a former optician in his previous career. Since discovering EOS and realizing its potential, his mission in life is to build communities towards sharing value, purpose, and power for the benefit of every individual.

It is Kevin’s belief that a human requires purpose to find happiness, and communities formed around shared purpose can create meaningful lives. Blockchain offers an opportunity for anyone to find purpose through the pursuit and ownership of their property, freedom, and value they produce. Kevin has witnessed depression in his home country and oppression in others, and believes EOS may bring a fundamental shift in the way money and power flows through all parts of the world.


Kevin has dedicated his purpose towards helping teams build solutions to empower any individual to take ownership of their life using EOS. He is thrilled to have “decentralized” his own life and purpose and is passionate about helping others do the same. He disco danced throughout the EOS launch parties in June 2018 and shed tears during its first mainnet blocks, which happened to be produced by sw/eden. Go EOS!


COO: Tobias Dahlberg

Tobias is a Bachelor student of economics & IT at Stockholm University, with a big interest for ideology and philosophy. Tobias’ interest for blockchain and cryptocurrencies took off when he was attending Almedalsveckan in Gotland, 2017. Watching seminars and panel discussions regarding blockchain and crypto during the week, the connection between the two and individualism became apparent, while at the same time being a mesh of the two fields he was studying. The first step into the field came a few months later in the form of a project called Skattekedjan, examining how a blockchain based tax system could work. 

Since the spring of 2018 he is the regional manager for the Swedish Blockchain Association, a non-profit organization working to help institutions and companies explore blockchain, and to facilitate cooperation within the field. 

He enjoys chess, liberty, the piano and is involved with non-partisan politics as chairman for Fria Moderata Studentföreningen in Stockholm. A group for liberal and conservative students, with a focus on ideological and philosophical discussion. 

He is now the COO of eos sw/eden, working closely with the team to ensure smooth operations, continuous progress and good connections. 


Community East
Alex Feng

Alex lived the first 20 years of his life in China, while the last 10 plus years has been spent in Melbourne, Australia. So he's kind of a "blended juice" of the East and West.

Currently Alex works at an Australian bank as a senior data analyst. He loves data, the EOS community, reading, writing and working out.

Alex entered into the crypto world in 2016, bought some bitcoins to start his cryptocurrency investment journey. Throughout 2017 Alex immersed himself into the blockchain world by reading and watching everything he could related to blockchain ventures.

Then in August of that same year, he found EOS, as he calls it, "the gem in crypto world." It is a platform Alex feels is destined to change everyone's life on this planet. As he explored the EOS Community he discovered eos sw/eden. Alex's assessment was that sw/eden had the most robust framework and would be the best of the BPs in EOS. He was especially impressed with how Eric handled himself with all the other BPs in the EOS Ecosystem - As a both a student and a teacher.

Alex gifts as a writer are evident. His fluency in both English and Chinese has helped him gather a significant following on the Bihu social media network. He has consistently written about cryptocurrencies and has demonstrated a keen knowledge of the blockchain world which has is respected in both the East and the West.

Alex has said, "The story between me and sw/eden has only just began, and I see this as a life long story."


Tech & Tunes
Ricardo Marliere

Ricardo is a software developer based in Brazil that splits his time between music and programming for as long as he can remember.

His past experiences include the maintenance of the ERP system of his hometown university and a startup co-founded by his brother. Back in the first semester of 2017, when researching possible areas of interest for his graduation project, he got to know about EOS. That happened just a few weeks before their white paper was released.

He has been a part of EOS community ever since. Ricardo was there when the first testnet was launched and he has not looked back.

Ricardo joins Eric in the Tech Wizardry Department at eos sw/eden. On top of that if you want to hear some amazing tunes, Ricardo is your man for that as well.


Web & daily operations
Anders Björk

Anders is a multifaceted creature based in Sweden.

He's a chef, personal trainer, health coach and a tech lover. His passion for tech started to grow at age of 13 when assembling his first computer from parts he bought off the internet. Soon there after he was diving into Red hat followed by different linux distributions.

Anders is somewhat of a philanthropist and his passion and drive is to help create a better future for each individual he encounter. In his work as a PT and coach he help individuals create a strong foundation for a long and healthy life. His goal is to make his surrounding healthier and stronger by influencing one person at a time. Which makes his values correspond well with the ones of EOS sw/eden

Anders goal in the crypto space is aimed at helping to build a structure that makes it easier and more efficient to launch and run businesses of any size. This in return will help entrepreneurs create a better life for themselves, providing them more spare time and thereby a chance of better health. Blockchain can be used to make accounting effective, to make contracts strong and to solve disputes. By doing so, a business can focus on what's important, helping the community.

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