Building a better world together with you

Eos sw/eden and its team members main priority is in building blocks for the Blockchain. Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure and security will always be the first priority because without safe block production there is no chain. Our system is designed to scale up and down quickly and securely.

Build a great infrastructure to secure and run nodes on EOS mainnet

Bigger team means more time to create value for the community

What does success look like in the long run?

Many of us still measure success by looking at our financial status or how much wealth someone has accumulated. If we can begin to tweak this mindset and redefine the meaning behind the word "success" to incorporate another set of values like generosity, openness and altruism, then success will look entirely different.

There are so many sources of wonderful information about how to find happiness. There are lectures and TED Talks and thousands of books. Many of them start by reminding us of the age old idea that nobody's perfect. We've all made mistakes, "darkened our soul", and we've all been hurt.  Brilliant minds recognize there are a number of ways (steps) that lead to healing. One of the best ways to heal the soul is to help others. With EOS we have a chance, if we are willing to take it, to help thousands, maybe even millions.

If we can step up and look for ways to make the world a better place, we can make a positive change for future generations to come. At eos sw/eden we want be a part of those who are leading the charge. That charge will happen on multiple fronts. As people invest their best, change will happen. Maybe we're naive - but there are so many opportunities all around us - all the time - to help others. With EOS, those opportunities are even more attainable.

At eos sw/eden we ARE stepping up and looking for ways to make the world a better place. 

BP Compliance

Eos sw/eden and its team members will support and defend the guidelines and governance set forth by the EOS Constitution. By defending the EOS Constitution  we are defending the rights of EOS Community, the token holders and the viability of the network.