What does success look like in the long run?

Many of us still measure success by looking at our financial status or how much wealth someone has accumulated. If we can begin to tweak this mindset and redefine the meaning behind the word "success" to incorporate another set of values like generosity, openness and altruism, then success will look entirely different.

There are so many sources of wonderful information about how to find happiness. There are lectures and TED Talks and thousands of books. Many of them start by reminding us of the age old idea that nobody's perfect. We've all made mistakes, "darkened our soul", and we've all been hurt.  Brilliant minds recognize there are a number of ways (steps) that lead to healing. One of the best ways to heal the soul is to help others. With EOS we have a chance, if we are willing to take it, to help thousands, maybe even millions.

If we can step up and look for ways to make the world a better place, we can make a positive change for future generations to come. At eos sw/eden we want be a part of those who are leading the charge. That charge will happen on multiple fronts. As people invest their best, change will happen. Maybe we're naive - but there are so many opportunities all around us - all the time - to help others. With EOS, those opportunities are even more attainable.

At eos sw/eden we ARE stepping up and looking for ways to make the world a better place. 


Upgrade all Servers and Tech

Starting with the right gear, knowing how to use that gear and upgrading that gear in a timely manner, will make all the difference.

  • Post launch: Each individual machine will receive ram and SSD upgrades.
  • Upgrading main and secondary producers will be high priority and completed  in the first 30 days in order to gear-up for high traffic.
  • Additional  disks will be added to all storage machines as required.
  • When needed additional Regional Producers will be added to allow for horizontal scaling at all producer locations.We are starting with three server parks, and have secured an additional four for a total of seven locations. As regional scaling is needed, extra machines will be added for the full nodes as well.
  • ISP in our current locations provide a fiber connection with minimum 1 gbps. Post launch we will be moving to 10 gbps per line to some of the locations.
  • All of the electricity used at our main location is green. Our goal is to make sure to use green energy for the other locations as well
  • Set up a quality power backup system for our main location in order to store the extra electricity we produce.

The market can shift. Having the right tech in place will allow us to not only scale up quickly but also scale down if needed.

NEXT... The Deeper Stuff

Education for the Community

This is important to us because we believe that educating the community - even our potential competition is good for the EOS ecosystem. The more people know, the stronger our community will become.

Below is a list of educational tools that eos sw/eden will be developing and implementing in the coming months.

  • Best practices for infrastructure setup and configuration. (Video series)
  • Performance Testnet (Joint Project): Work in cooperation with other BPs in the community to run the Performance Testnet. It will allow the standby producers to validate and show that their hardware is “production ready”, so that the EOS Community is guaranteed that any new BP can handle the load required.
  • Physical Server Locations: Best Practices (Video Series)
  • Launching a dApp as a Business (Video Series)Setting up Server Surveillance System (Video series for BPs)
  • Communicating about EOS & Blockchain Tech to Your Average Person (And Why that’s Important)

Continue to Hire the Best Techies in the Business

Developers and Server Wizards

  • Folks with the ideas and the know-how to develop great DAPPS that can serve the EOS community and the world. 
  • A team that understands the ins and outs of blockchain tech, with the skills to maintain and upgrade our technology on a regular basis.

Investing in DAPPs that provide value to the Community 

Sometimes an idea dies right after it takes shape and jumps from one synapse to another inside the head of an individual. It dies because the person who came up with the idea promptly shoots it down before it can take root, growing into a vision that might one day become reality.

Why do they shoot the idea down? Because all of the ideas they have had in the past, never made it out of the vision stage - Maybe it was a dumb idea... But - maybe not. Maybe they didn't have enough support from family or friends. Maybe they didn't have enough money. Maybe they didn't have the skills or know-how to make it all come together.

A big part of our long-term plan is to help would-be-geniuses with great DAPP ideas turn them into reality by providing the funding and coaching.

  • Every week we are contacted by more and more developers looking for coaching and guidance with their wonderful ideas. Post launch, we will put together a form on our website where people can submit their ideas and begin a correspondence with our team. 
  • Each year we will select certain developers from that group and help them develop their DAPP. We will be looking at developing DAPPS that have the potential to have a positive impact on the world.