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EOS sw/eden and its team members main priority is in building blocks for the Blockchain. Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure and security will always be the first priority because without safe block production there is no chain. Our system is designed to scale up and down quickly and securely.

Giving back

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EOS sw/eden and its team members will continue to have healthy and ongoing dialogue with the Token Holders within the EOS Community in order to bring awareness and education. We are passionate about that dialogue going both ways - eos sw/eden will listen and engage multiculturally, whenever, wherever and with whomever we can to the best of our abilities.

VOTING? In some voting portals, look for eosswedenorg​Other portals will also include our regular name and our logo. 
​Look for the leaf and make sure it says eos sw/eden

BP Compliance

EOS sw/eden and its team members will support and defend the guidelines and governance set forth by the EOS Constitution. By defending the EOS Constitution  we are defending the rights of EOS Community, the token holders and the viability of the network.