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Create the USB – Quick guide

Part 1 Chapter 1

Following is a quick guide on how to create the USB.
More detailed guide for your OS is linked in the bottom of the page.

1. Download ISO -

2. Download Software to create bootable USB (Windows) -
    - Mac and Linux can use <dd> in terminal.

3. Plug in the USB 

4. Start program (Windows)

5. Load the downloaded ISO file 

6. Pick the USB in the list, if unsure which it is, unplug and plug the USB back in.

7. Create the bootable USB by pressing start (Windows), choose DD - And format the USB

    - Mac and Linux: (if=<point to ISO file> of=<point to USB, i.ex. /dev/sda1>)

$ sudo dd if=/home/user/eosio-live-02.iso of=/dev/USB bs=4M && sync

If everything worked, restart your computer and boot on the USB

More detailed guide