Advanced Guide

For Mac – Detailed guide

Part 5 Chapter 2

1. Download ISO -

2. Plug in the USB 

3. Open a terminal (cmd+space and search for terminal)

4. Find the location of your USB

$ df -h 

If you are unsure which device that is your USB, do the following

A) Remove USB

B) Redo 'df -h' 

C) Plug USB back in

D) df -h

E) Compare the two above and see which line is new, it will be similar to:

/dev/sda1     15G     991M     14G     7%     /media/orcus/My-USB

It is important that you find the exact location of your thumbdrive, because you will need it in the next step.

5. Execute <dd> to create bootable USB

$ sudo dd if=/home/orcus/eosio-live-02.iso of=/dev/sda1 bs=4M && sync

if=<point to ISO file> 
of=<point to USB, i.ex. /dev/sda1>

Wait for a few minutes until you get a final message.

You have now created your USB and can unplug or turn off computer.